World's biggest food & beverage exhibition


9th, Oct 2023
Conference opens at 10am

World's biggest food & beverage exhibition.
ANUGA 2023.

We are pleased to present a proposal for the ANUGA Global Halal "Food and Services" Conference 2023. As the leading global food and beverage exhibition, ANUGA provides a unique platform to discuss the latest trends and developments in the halal industry.

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Questions - Answers (FAQ for the event)

The "ANUGA Global Halal Conference" is a conference that focuses on the topic of halal food and the halal industry. ANUGA is one of the world's largest trade fairs for food and beverages, and the "ANUGA Global Halal Conference" is an accompanying event that focuses specifically on halal products and services.

This conference brings together experts, manufacturers, traders and stakeholders from the food industry to discuss current trends, challenges and opportunities in the field of halal food. It covers topics such as halal certification, product development, market trends, consumer behaviour and the global impact of the halal industry.

The conference is designed to share knowledge, explore business opportunities and foster collaboration between companies and organisations in the halal food industry. At a time when demand for halal products is increasing worldwide, the ANUGA Global Halal Conference plays an important role in promoting and developing this specialised niche within the food industry.

9th October 2023, Monday. Congress Centrum Ost, Kristallsaal. From 10am to 5:30 pm. Only with tickets.

Participation in the ANUGA Global Halal Conference has certain restrictions and guidelines. Some general restrictions are listed below:

1) Registration: Typically, attendees must register for the conference in advance and may be required to pay a registration fee.

2) Eligibility: Some conferences are only open to certain groups, such as professionals, researchers or members of certain organisations.

3) Age restrictions: 16 years and above.

4) Code of Conduct: A code of conduct that promotes respectful and professional behaviour towards each other.

5) Security checks: For security reasons, there may be security checks at the entrance to the conference venue.

6) Photography and recording: Guidelines for photography, audio or video recording during the event. Please ask in advance.

7) Speakers and sessions: Access to some sessions or speakers may be restricted or limited to certain groups of participants.

8) Exhibition area: For conferences with an exhibition area, access to certain booths or areas may require special access or permissions.

9) Networking opportunities: Access to certain networking events or sessions may be restricted to certain categories of attendees.

Be sure to check the official conference website or contact the organisers directly to understand any specific restrictions, policies or requirements related to attending the ANUGA Global Halal Conference or a similar event you are planning. This will help to ensure that the conference runs smoothly and in compliance with the law.


You should follow these steps manually:

1) Pay for the conference registration fee via PayPal using the provided payment details.

2) After making the payment, compose an email using the same email address you used for the PayPal payment.

3) In the email, include the following information: Your name, Your address and any other required or relevant information specified by the conference organizers

4) Send the email to the designated email address provided by the conference organizers.

5) Await confirmation and your admission ticket, which should be sent to your email address within a short time, as indicated.

This way, you will ensure that your registration for the conference is processed correctly, and you receive your admission ticket as expected.

The conference will take place on Monday 9.10.2023 at the West Entrance in the Congress Centre East / Crystal Hall. The programme runs from 10am to 5:30pm

You will receive a digital ticket code from us, which you can easily redeem on the ANUGA website after setting up your account. No physical tickets will be issued as in the past, as ANUGA has completely switched to digital solutions. We ask for your understanding for this modernisation.

You can enter the Congress Centre Ost via the west entrance without having to pass through the entrance desk and go directly to the first floor. If required, the ANUGA staff will be happy to assist you on site.

Why we are doing this?

Increase awareness and understanding of the halal industry, its trends and opportunities, and the importance of halal certification and standards.

Facilitate dialogue and networking among stakeholders in the halal industry, including businesses, government agencies, certification bodies and academics.

Knowledge sharing and exchange of best practices in halal certification, standards and market trends.

Promote Cologne and Anuga as a hub for the halal industry to attract more business and investment to the region.

Potential partnerships and collaborations between halal industry participants leading to increased trade and economic growth.

The creation of new jobs in the halal industry.


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