World's biggest food & beverage exhibition

Global Halal Conference
for a new
Halal-hub in Europe

9th, Oct 2023
Conference opens at 10am

World's biggest food & beverage exhibition.
"One World, One Halal Solution"

We are pleased to present a proposal for the ANUGA Global Halal "Food and Services" Conference 2023. As the leading global food and beverage exhibition, ANUGA provides a unique platform to discuss the latest trends and developments in the halal industry.

We will create a prosperous future together!

Without you, our success story would not have been possible.

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Brazil, one of the worldwide leaders in the Halal Business, will be present at the Anuga Halal Conference and will also offer a live Halal Cooking Show with the presence of Football Legend Giovane Elber on October 10th!

50 Person



Strengths and
limitations of halal

Given that new companies are always being founded and that already-existing organisations may combine or cease operations, it is challenging to pinpoint the precise number of halal certification authorities in operation worldwide. There are, however, reportedly more than 500 halal certifying organisations globally.

The lack of standardisation and uniformity among certifying bodies is one of the industry's biggest issues or shortcomings. There isn't yet a universal standard for halal certification, and various certification organisations may use different standards to certify products as halal. Customers may get confused as a result, and businesses may find it challenging to secure halal certification.

Additionally, certain certification bodies have engaged in fraud and misuse of the halal label in the past, which jeopardises the reputation of the entire sector. As a result, calls have been made for tighter supervision and monitoring of halal certifying organisations.

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Halal Market
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